Your rental property is a substantial investment. To ensure it retains its value and delivers an acceptable return, Home Sweet Home has developed a suite of rental property management services.

It starts with finding responsible, financially secure tenants who have the potential to stay long term. Having tenanted the property, we take a hands-on approach to managing it. We’ll take care of all maintenance issues and keep you advised of anything that comes to our attention. Full records are available for you to view online at any stage.

Unlike many rental property management companies, Home Sweet Home doesn’t offer a casual letting service. We would rather focus all our efforts on looking after our existing customers.

Here are the services we offer:

We are experienced in tenant selection and undertake extensive tenant credit and reference checks which access to up to five national data bases. We also obtain a detailed rental application and a copy of photo identification.

Our tenants are always treated with respect and courtesy, and the tenancy is always managed in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. We strive to develop and maintain a good relationship with our tenants, friendly yet professional, as we understand tenant retention has a positive impact on your rental return.

We review the rent of our rental properties every six months to ensure they are in line with the market, and we will consult with you before rent is raised.
We process our rental property management bank account statements daily in a Trust Account. Rental payments are recorded in our property management software. You will be given secure log in details to enable you to access all your property transactions together with other information on our rental property portal page.
We deposit rental payments twice a month directly into your designated bank account via internet banking.
We strive to develop a good relationship with all our tenants, however we do have a zero tolerance for missed rents and tenants are clearly informed of their responsibilities.

Rent payments are checked first thing every morning. Any rent that has been missed is followed up right away with a phone call. This is then followed up with a 14 day letter, visits to the property if required, and Tenancy Tribunal applications.

All maintenance and other property related expenses are paid directly from the rent and detailed on your monthly statement.
Statements are provided monthly detailing all rental income and expenses. You can also view these transactions online at any time during the month on the rental property portal. At the end of the financial year a summary is provided for your accountant. Our property management fees are 100% tax deductible.
A comprehensive condition report is completed at the beginning of each tenancy for all of our rental properties, and is used at the bond inspection to eliminate any dispute about the property condition at the end of the tenancy.

We will also provide you with a detailed report at every three-monthly property inspection.

Once a new tenant moves in, an initial inspection is done after six weeks to check in on how they are doing. At the quarterly inspections, if anything is of concern, tenants are provided with a notice to remedy it and the property will be reinspected 14 days later if required. All inspection reports include photos.

We will keep you informed if a tenant wishes to vacate or a tenancy is terminating. You will be regularly updated on the advertising process.
We have great relationships with trustworthy tradespeople for all your property repairs, renovations, insulation and heating. We will organise all repairs and maintenance on your behalf. You can elect to nominate your own tradespeople if you prefer.
We have a fully computerised Auckland rental property management system that records all financial transactions and contact history with owners and tenants, including inspections and maintenance. Our software providers constantly work on changes and improvements to the software and provide us with regular updates.
If you have unanswered questions about our Auckland rental property management services or want to inquire about us taking care of your North Shore or Rodney District rental properties, feel free to call us for a chat today.


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