This application form collects personal information about you. You have a right to see the information held about you by any credit bureau or tenant default database and to correct that information in accordance with the Privacy Act.

  • Failure to supply all the information in this form (other than Drivers Licence) may be detrimental to your Tenancy Application. The voluntary supply of Drivers Licence information may be checked with NZ Transport Authority.
  •  This information is required for the purpose of assessing your eligibility as a tenant, record keeping within our office, and also collecting information which may be provided to Tenancy Information NZ and background , reference or credit bureau databases. This information would then be accessible to other authorised people that may inquire of these sources.


  • I consent to you making any type of reference, identification verification and/or credit check including an online Tenancy Information NZ check and associated databases.
  • I consent to you providing the information in this form and details of any breach of my tenancy agreement or of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 to any credit reporter and/or Tenancy Information N Z. This information may then be made available to authorised people through credit reporters, Tenancy Information NZ or identification verification service providers. This information is subject to the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004, Privacy Act 1993, Identity InformationConfirmation Act 2012 or other statutory powers granted to Governmental agencies.
  • I agree that you may use information on this application form to enforce any Tenancy Tribunal order against me.
  • I agree that an identification photo, address details and an assessment regarding basic tenant responsibilities may be added to the Tenancy Information NZ system. This assessment will be about rent payment, keeping and leaving the property tidy, consideration towards neighbours, verbal or physical threats, illegal drugs, bad credit history, 14 Day Notices or TenancyTribunal orders against me. This information may then be made available to other authorised people.

I confirm the information in this form is true and correct and that I have read the Privacy Act Statement as stated above.