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We go the extra mile

At Home Sweet Home, we pride ourselves on delivering personalised and high-quality property management services tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you're a landlord looking for seamless property management, a tenant seeking a responsive and reliable experience, or a contractor partnering with us, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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We're property managers that care

Our approach is grounded in the principle of care. It's a simple word, but it defines everything we do. From maintaining properties to managing relationships, our dedication to care ensures that every interaction and service we provide is infused with genuine attention and respect. 

Choose Home Sweet Home and experience property management where your needs come first. 

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Rated 4.5/5 from homeowners and tenants


“We would definitely recommend Lee and Kim - Home Sweet Home Property Managers. They managed our property for several years during which time they were extremely efficient and obliging handling whatever came their way in a very professional manner. Without hesitation we would use their services again if required.”

Carol C.

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“Kim is exceptional. We have had some absolutely shocking experiences with property managers and thus have really struggled to find our new home. Although we didn't end up leasing the home Kim represents, her service and attitude blew us away. She was honest while still being empathetic, realistic, and very efficient, having a contract ready for us in 24 hours.”

Jade V.

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“As a tenant, I've found both Kim and Lee to be friendly, professional, responsive to any queries raised, and inspections or property access for contractors has been well communicated. We love the home they helped us find! Really pleased at finding a local agency with a personal touch.”

Nicola B.

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“We had the luck to have Kim from Home Sweet Home as the property manager of a house that we rented for two years. She was very helpful, communication was always fluent and she showed genuine interest on our family needs. As a tenant, a very important part of your experience with a property depends and how good, effective and pleasant is your relation with the Property Manager, Kim and the team of Home Sweet Home definitively makes the difference in all these areas.”

Javier P.

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“I had the pleasure of meeting Kim just over a year ago through an advertisement for a rental that was being managed by Home Sweet Home. While the original rental was not suitable for my needs, Kim soon found me the perfect place in which I am very happy. Kim has always been very respectful, professional and efficient in all my dealing with her. ”

Linda F.

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“My husband and I have rented for over a decade throughout New Zealand using many different Property Management Companies. I can absolutely guarantee the most helpful and sincere person to deal with has been Lee from Home Sweet Home Property Management. No situation was too difficult for Lee to sort out quickly and efficiently.”

Anneliese G.

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“This is the best property rental company we have worked with in New Zealand. Kim Hudson managed our property and was very friendly professional and helpful. It was a wonderful experience working with her.”

Mel A.

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“I’ve worked with a few property managers, but have never referred anyone to a property manager before using Home Sweet Home. I was thoroughly impressed with how nice they were, patient, understanding and really worked hard to negotiate good outcomes for both parties. Totally recommend this company to both property owners and renters.”

Allison S.

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“We rented a House in Whangaparaoa for 3 years and were lucky to have Home Sweet Home, and particularly Kim, as property managers. They were very responsive, organised, professional. It is important for landlords and tenants to have a mutual good relationship, based on respect and kindness, and I could not have hoped for things to be better. I recommend Home Sweet Home both if you are a home owner or a tenant.”

Juan P.

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“We were fortunate to have Lee as our property manager. We had her for close to two years and she was incredible 100% of the time. Was always so quick to address any issues and would fix them so efficiently. Lee went above and beyond helping us and we are sad to see her go. Couldn't rate her or home sweet home property services any higher.”

Louis M.

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“Lee & Kim at Home sweet home property management are friendly & fantastic. They make everything so seamless and when things need to be looked at or fixed they are straight onto it. A great and reliable property management agency.”

April L.

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“We had the pleasure of Kim being our property manager for the time we rented with home sweet home. Absolutely lovely to deal with and always prompt with acting on anything that we needed. Definitely recommend.”

Kim J.

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