Why you should rent through us

At Home Sweet Home Property Management, we believe that whether you're a property owner or tenant, fostering positive relationships and treating our tenants with the respect and courtesy they deserve is essential. We maintain open lines of communication, responding promptly to all requests and concerns.

We protect your rights and support you in upholding your responsibilities, and tend to any maintenance concerns promptly to ensure your home is always well maintained.

We’re in this for the long haul, with property managers dedicated to supporting you throughout your tenancy. And when it’s time to move on, we’ll assist you in finding your next home. At Home Sweet Home it's all about building lasting relationships and making every house feel like a true home.

Commonly asked questions

What do I do if I have an after hours emergency?

In case of an after-hours emergency, your first call should always be to your Property Manager on their mobile number. If they don’t answer, send a text message and then try calling them again. 

Please remember that our after-hours service is specifically for urgent issues involving essential services like electricity, plumbing, drainage, and water supply, or when the property is at risk of significant damage without immediate repairs. 

Visit the repairs page here for more information.

What happens if I’ve locked myself out of my home?

During office hours: Reach out to your property manager. They often have a spare key and may be able to assist you in regaining access.  Call or send a text message to confirm their availability and to arrange for key collection. 

Outside office hours: Reach out to your property manager. If you’re locked out after hours, you should still try contacting your property manager. They may be able to provide assistance even outside of regular hours. Please be aware that if they can help, it might come with an after-hours call-out fee for their service. 

If your property manager cannot assist or if you prefer, you may need to hire a locksmith to gain access. 

Do I really need insurance?

While your property owner's insurance covers the land and building, it does not include protection for your personal belongings. As a tenant, it’s your responsibility to look after your own items. We strongly recommend obtaining renters insurance, also known as contents insurance which will give you peace of mind by protecting your belongings against theft, damage, and other unforeseen events. It’s advisable to speak with your insurance broker to confirm you have the appropriate coverage. Remember, your landlord and Home Sweet Home Property Management are not responsible for your personal items; their protection is entirely up to you.

My contact details have changed, who do I tell?

If your mobile phone number or email address changes from what is documented on your tenancy agreement, please notify your property manager by email with your new contact details. Failing to update us means we will continue using the old information, which could result in you missing important communications from us.

My water bill is really high, what do I do?

If you notice an unusually high water bill, it might indicate a leak. If you are concerned, we will ask you to perform a few simple checks. Email your property manager in the first instance and they will guide you through a few easy checks to identify any leaks. If a leak is found, we will promptly arrange for it to be repaired.

I need to move out of my property, what do I do?

Periodic lease: If you are on a periodic lease, you need to provide 28 day’s notice in writing to your property manager to end your lease.  

Fixed term tenancy: If you are on a fixed term agreement, you cannot give notice to terminate your tenancy. If your circumstances have changed and you need to end your tenancy early, contact your property manager for them to provide you with the options and costs associated to break your fixed term tenancy.  

Anything else you’d like to know?

If you have any questions or need further information about renting with Home Sweet Home Property Management, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to assist you and provide the support you need.

Rated 4.5/5 by tenants and homeowners

Tenant testimonials

“We have had some absolutely shocking experiences with property managers and thus have really struggled to find our new home. Although we didn't end up leasing the home Kim represents, her service and attitude blew us away. She was honest while still being empathetic, realistic, and very efficient, having a contract ready for us in 24 hours. We are truly sad that the house ultimately wasn't the right fit for us, but I think we are most sad that Kim won't be our property manager.”

Jade V.

Google Review

“As a tenant, I've found both Kim and Lee to be friendly, professional, responsive to any queries raised, and inspections or property access for contractors has been well communicated. We love the home they helped us find! Really pleased at finding a local agency with a personal touch.”

Nicola B.

Google Review

“We had the luck to have Kim from Home Sweet Home as the property manager of a house that we rented for two years. She was very helpful, communication was always fluent and she showed genuine interest on our family needs. As a tenant, a very important part of your experience with a property depends and how good, effective and pleasant is your relation with the Property Manager, Kim and the team of Home Sweet Home definitively makes the difference in all these areas.”

Javier P.

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“I had the pleasure of meeting Kim just over a year ago through an advertisement for a rental that was being managed by Home Sweet Home. While the original rental was not suitable for my needs, Kim soon found me the perfect place in which I am very happy. Kim has always been very respectful, professional and efficient in all my dealing with her. While I have not had any direct contact with Lee, on the few occasions that I have had written communication with her I have found her to be very professional and efficient. I would most definitely recommend Home Sweet Home Property Management.”

Linda F.

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“We rented a House in Whangaparaoa for 3 years and were lucky to have Home Sweet Home, and particularly Kim, as property managers. They were very responsive, organised, professional. It is important for landlords and tenants to have a mutual good relationship, based on respect and kindness, and I could not have hoped for things to be better. I recommend Home Sweet Home both if you are a home owner or a tenant.”

Juan P.

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“We were fortunate to have Lee as our property manager. We had her for close to two years and she was incredible 100% of the time. Was always so quick to address any issues and would fix them so efficiently. Lee went above and beyond helping us and we are sad to see her go. Couldn't rate her or home sweet home property services any higher.”

Louis M.

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“Lee & Kim at Home sweet home property management are friendly & fantastic. They make everything so seamless and when things need to be looked at or fixed they are straight onto it. A great and reliable property management agency.”

April L.

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“We had the pleasure of Kim being our property manager for the time we rented with home sweet home. Absolutely lovely to deal with and always prompt with acting on anything that we needed. Definitely recommend.”

Kim J.

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“We immigrated as a family from South Africa. As you know you faced with many challenges along the way & one big challenge is to find a home that you can afford, like and that's close to a good school. We also wanted to be close to family. We had many boxes to tick & Kim really made this process so seamless. She made us feel save & reassured in a whole new country. She help to negotiate a better rate for us with the owners and made the moving into our new home memorable. They are highly recommended.”

Caroline G.

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“Great service and communication from the team while finding our rental. If ever there are upgrades or maintenance required on the property we are always advised well in advance and provided with options if times don't suit. Kim has always been great with any questions or requests we have and is always helpful!”

Carlo V.

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