Renting with pets – Are dogs really that bad?

There has been much discussed about the housing crisis in Auckland with prices continually heading north and families renting with pets now being locked out of the market. An unlikely victim of the housing crisis has been the family pet. Throughout Auckland pets are having to be given up as families forced into renting, struggle to find properties because landlords do not want to accommodate pets.

If you’re a landlord that allows pets, then you are in hot demand, as traditionally many landlords are reluctant to accept pets into their properties. For the astute landlord, this means a greater pool of potential tenants to choose from, and tenants that are likely to stay put for longer as it is harder for them to move elsewhere. Pet Bonds are not allowed under the Residential Tenancies Act, however most tenants renting with pets are happy to pay a slightly higher weekly rent, providing landlords with a higher yield.

In our experience it is not the pets that are the problem, it is the owners. If the dog is bad and causes damage then the likely case is so are the tenants. Tenants experienced in renting with pets will often come with references from previous landlords, and are happy for you to not only meet their pet, but also provide all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Landlords could be turning away very good tenants because of this misconception. If a prospective tenant can provide all the required information requested by your Property Manager as part of the application process, we have no doubt that the tenants will be pet loving people who take great pride in where and how they live.

For more information on successfully renting to tenants with pets, give us a call on 0800 687 466 to talk to an experienced Property Manager.

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